Fall Collection GYBIZIA

The new pieces of the GYBIZIA Fall collection is a fact. The collection is perfect for the bohemia, hippie-chic girls. 

With an earthiness touch this collection has the modern edge for lovers and friends. With its transparency and perfect autumn materials is will make you a flawless girl. Old farms with hay and horses, old sailers and the disco 80's are the inspiration for this collection. 

Fall Collection

Let’s be honest with you. 


Sustainability is the keyword for our brand. 


Where it is made


All products are made in The Netherlands. To be more specific in Lelystad. 


We love real. Pure it is, nothing else. 


We seek to achieve a fair world. 


Good trade that’s what GYBIZIA is all about. 


Less quantity, more love. 


The magic happens in our hometown. 



All the GYBIZIA products are handmade. Craftsmanship is the key to our succes. And that’s the secret ‘’Made in The Netherlands’’ is sewed in are clothes. 


The Fabrics

Recycled polyester. 


We hope you choose real clothes. Know what you buy. Dress good, feel good.